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Mark Bailey, artistic director

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The American Baroque Orchestra (ABO) unlocks the fullest expressive potential of 17th and 18th century musical treasures. With performances throughout New England and beyond, ABO immerses itself in the hearts and minds of Baroque composers, performing on authentic period instruments in the style of the composer’s world. By digging deep into music of the past, the American Baroque Orchestra enlivens new meaning for the present. Through concerts, festivals, workshops, and special events, ABO infuses passion and meaning into a shared musical experience for all.

2016-2017 Season

Handel’s First Messiah

American Baroque Orchestra and Singers

Mark Bailey, Artistic Director and Conductor
Kevin Sherwin, Associate Artistic Director and Chorus Master

Performances on:

Saturday, November 19th at 7:30pm, Hope Christian Church, North Haven, Connecticut

Sunday, December 4th at 5pm, Church of the Assumption, Ansonia, Connecticut

January 13th-15th: Choral Gems of Baroque Italy Festival, Bay Area, California

(Open to all interested singers! Email for more info!)

Spring 2017 (Stay tuned for dates!)

Hebrew Song and Splendor: Sephardic Music of 18th Century Amsterdam

Voyage to the Colonies: Music of Baroque America

August 2017: American Baroque Choral Festival, New Haven, Connecticut

Messiah standing O

Photo by James Olivier

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