Choral Festival

Paving the Way to Bach

Bach’s genius didn’t come out of nowhere. The fact is, Bach’s genius is a culmination of musical style and evolution that preceded him. In “Paving the way to Bach”, we will explore the inventive works of many surrounding composers—including the works of Telemann, Buxtehude, Pachelbel, Graupner, and Kuhnau—as well as works including “Ich lasse dich nicht” and “Jesu Christ Mein Lebens Licht.”

American Baroque Orchestra Artistic Director Mark Bailey  and Associate Artistic Director Kevin Sherwin, joined by members of ABO, will lead interactive rehearsals, workshops, lectures, and a culminating performance—and we will delve into the genius of influence, and the genius of its product!

Sessions will be held on the Yale University campus.

Registration Fee: $125

Early bird registration (June 1st deadline): $99

Friday, August 4

10am-12pm: Pre-festival Lecture: “Bach Behind the Scenes”

12-2pm: Registration

2-3pm: Opening Session: Bach and Baroque Singing Style

3:15-5pm: Vocal Workshop #1—Singing Style in Leipzig, 1675-1750

Break for Dinner: 5-7pm

7-10pm=Rehearsal #1

Saturday, August 5

10am-12pm: Vocal Workshop #2—Expression and Articulation: The Key to Meaning in Bach and his Predecessors

12-1pm: Break for Lunch

1-2:30pm: Mark Bailey Masterclass with Vocal Soloists

2:30-4pm: Rehearsal #2

4:15-5pm: Lecture—Bach the Dancer

5-7pm: Break for Dinner

7-10pm: Rehearsal #3

Sunday, August 6

10am-12pm: Vocal Workshop #3—Merging Secular and Sacred Expression

12-1pm: Break for Lunch

1-3pm: Dress Rehearsal

4pm: Sound-Check

5pm­­­­­: Concert

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